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State Director: Nicole Howell

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With passion to always be an example of excellence and grace, Nicole Howell, an Atlanta native, is a mother, educator, coach and mentor. She received her B.A. from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, a Masters in Psychology from The University of Phoenix and recently received an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity from Carver College. Additionally, she is anticipating completing her PhD in Psychology in the near future. Ms. Howell also holds a Masters in Cosmetology and has her Georgia Real Estate License. In addition to teaching, she enjoys being a pageant coach, dance coach and a mentor to the youth and young adults in her community.


Through her volunteer work with Autism Speaks. March of Dimes and the American Heart Association, Ms. Howell has fostered a spirit of empathy and growth through service and commitment. Growing up, Ms. Howell was one of the first black Dogwood Princess Pageant titleholders and she has also held over 250 beauty pageant titles in various pageants across the United States. Until retirement, she was also the highest paid child print model in the south, where she would have been seen in various ads for United Way, Macy's and State Farm. Today, she is a woman on a mission to elevate positivity, excellence and service through her alignment with the US American Pageant system.

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