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US American Miss is proud to have The Crown CARES as our national platform, helping prevent bullying and spreading kindness around the world. 



The Crown CARES program outlines the definition and simple solutions of the age-old problem of bullying. While there are no grandiose or magical explanations, intellectually understanding the importance of bullying prevention as well as developing and maintaining a program in or out of school is what will set you at the forefront of your competition and place you in a reputable place in your community. It is our responsibility as adults, community leaders, caretakers and human beings to nurture the delicacy of our youth. We can only accomplish this by ongoing improvements and continuing education with the youth’s safety as the principal purpose.


With the Crown CARES as our national platform, our state and national queens are champions for this 501c3 program and should plan to visit schools and youth programs in their communities to present this anti-bullying and kindness message.

For our work as champions of The Crown CARES during the year, Crown CARES graciously provides scholarship money to award cash scholarships at nationals for US American Miss Scholarship Pageant System.

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