Required Competitions


One third of total score

During this phase, our delegates will interview for a chance to be one of the "Infinite 8". Questions will come from their Interview Form. All age divisions will interview panel style while wearing their custom Johnathan Kayne opening number dress. We want our delegates to be judged on what they have to say...not what they wear!


Jr. Princess and Princess will interview for four (4) minutes. Preteen through Elite Ms., for three (3) minutes. Scoring is based on interview skills, personality, poise and the ability to hold a conversation. 



One third of total score

It's time to hit the runway and compete in our fashion-forward competition. Outfits should showcase their sense of fashion as well as their personality and be age appropriate. Scoring is based on modeling ability, stage presence and personality.


Evening Gown

Delegates will wear a floor-length gown of their choice that makes them feel confident, reflects their personality and is age-appropriate. Each delegate will have their moment in the spotlight as they showcase their grace, beauty and confidence. Scoring is based on stage presence and personality.


One third of total score

During the elimination phase at the national pageant finals, the top 5 delegates from Nation 2 (Teen, Miss, Ms. and Elite Ms.) divisions will each have an on-stage question (judged on a 1-10 scale) which will be added to their overall score to determine final placement. 


On Stage Question