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Advertising Program


Each delegate is responsible for selling or purchasing one full page ad (8.5 x 11) for the national program book. You have the opportunity to earn cash, prizes, hotel nights for nationals and possibly a national title with additional ad sales! You can sell ads to your family and friends to include good luck messages, sell to local businesses (they will get national exposure), or both. The awards that you can earn are endless! The more you sell, the more you earn. The following pages outline what you can earn! Set a goal for yourself and get started!!


The delegate who sells the most ad pages (minimum of ten [10] pages required) will be crowned "US American Ambassador"! Not only will you receive all of the prizes you earn through your ad sales, but you will also earn a national title and be invited to a national photoshoot. Your image will appear in the national marketing materials for the year during your reign!

More information on the incentives and prizes that you can earn can be found in the Delegate Handbook.

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